Luzhniki Stadium façade design

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to design exterior of a stadium.

Luzhniki Olympic Complex is one of the largest sports arenas in Russia and in the World. The complex’s primary building is the famous Luzhniki stadium that has been closed for renovation to prepare it for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As part of the large-scale upgrade, the stadium acquired a new frieze designed at the studio.

luzhniki facade front

The frieze that encircles the stadium shows athletes frozen in motion. The dynamics of the silhouettes draws inspiration from traditional depictions of Olympic games on Greek vases.

The drawings are made of holes of varying size that create the illusion of halftone gradation. The dynamics of the illustrations is supported by the rhythm of façade elements. The chosen techniques ensures proper ventilation and complies with all fire safety requirements.

The frieze graphics supplements the architectural image of the stadium and emphasizes its sporting legacy.

luzhniki facade final

artistic director

art director

author of the idea

  • Sergei Tchoban


  • Ekaterina Savkina
  • Nadezhda Rossokhina

project managers

  • The studio wishes to thank Sergei Tchoban, Alexei Shubkin and Speech Architectural Bureau for their help with the project