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    The making of the Madrobots exhibition equipment

    Overview   Process  

    Studying the client’s exhibition experience.

    Going to the store to see product arrangement.

    Getting acquainted with art installations and exhibition booth design.

    Drawing the first sketches.

    The art director says that we are missing the point. The client needs something cool and robotic.

    Drawing new sketches, turning to robot arms for inspiration.

    Preparing a presentation for the client. The client approves the idea.

    Starting the search for a suitable arm.

    Developing the racks and the consultant module.

    Looking for ways to seal plexiglas cubes.

    The arm arrives. Using a mock-up to test viability of the design.

    Realizing that the construction will be unstable when put a separate stand.

    Placing four arms on a single stable frame.

    Making full-size mock-ups and applying graphics and elements of the company’s corporate identity.

    Preparing blueprints and assembly instructions for production.

    Choosing materials and a color scheme.

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