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    The making of the Madrobots and Ivi.ru TV stick design

    Overview   Process   Hi Res  

    Making a collection of similar devices and remotes.

    Stumbling upon research on which remote control buttons are used most often. Trying to keep in mind the image of the target user.

    Creating sketches of the casing.

    The artistic director makes his choice.

    Rendering the draft visualization and using a 3D printer to create a prototype. The client likes the result.

    Starting to sketch our ideas for the remote control, trying to find the best position for functional buttons.

    Creating full-size mock-ups.

    Deciding to make the back panel textured.

    Continuing to look for the most optimal layout of the keyboard given the priority of the main buttons.

    A brief history of evolution of the remote.

    Finding the best solution, making a draft visualization and 3D printing a prototype.

    While working on the graphics, deciding to differentiate buttons for controlling TV and the stick by color. Using the corporate triangles in the design and taking our time to find the best volume icons.

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