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Mafia playing cards, official edition

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Task: to illustrate and produce a card game.

Mafia is an explosive mixture of psychology and a detective story, usually played with a deck of cards. Unlike many other card games, this one has a known year of creation—1986—and a known author—Dmitry Davidov, who, not surprisingly, was a psychology student at Moscow State University. The Mafia quickly gained a following and spread worldwide.

mafia box
The deck with instructions from the official edition

Our edition of Mafia is the only one blessed by its godfather. It’s totally legal to use breaks between Mafia sessions to play anything from solitaire to poker with the same deck.

mafia four cards
We firmly believe the artwork on these cards to be absolutely the most gorgeous made in Russia in the last century

The Mafia’s rules are, shall we say, flexible and are passed around by a word of mouth, resulting in a vast variation of code. This official edition includes such nice extras as the story of its creation, a set of rules, roles from the author, and some popular variations.

mafia cards 1

The game comes with a deck of 54 plastic standard playing cards plus eight special cards and a brochure.

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Online price:  20  $
  ≈ 19  €
  ≈ 1781  руб.

Release date: October 12 2011


art director
packaging designer
production manager
Dmitry Davidov

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