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The making of the Mafia cards

Overview   Packaging   Process  

The author sends us his story of Mafia creation, the original rules and a list of extra roles. After editing the text we forward it to the illustrator.

Starting to put together nice gift packaging and instructions. We plan to wrap the Mafia up by setting it up on top of a special insert, then secure it in a box with lid, and finally wrapping it up tight to seal in all the fun.

mafia process 01

Sketching the box in and out. Crafting a smart cover for the instructions. The insert role is assigned to a revolver, pointed at any daredevil opening the box. The gun’s drum serves at the hideout for the cards. Testing different schemes.

mafia process 03
mafia process 02

Designing the wrapper.

mafia process 04

How about a deck-sized metal box?

mafia process 12

Or cardboard?

mafia process 13

A two-decks size box proves to be a sure shot with its convenience and ease of production.

mafia process 14
mafia process 05

Putting back side of the box together.

mafia process 06

Laying out the instructions. It started really expansive to match the initial gift packaging concept.

mafia process 07

Then it evolved together with the box. Attempting to fit the instructions in a double-sided accordion format.

mafia process 08

Ending up with a book format, which perfectly accommodates bilingual text.

mafia process 09

Color testing the cards. Checking the main characters and the back.

mafia process 11

Sending everything to the printers.

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