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§ 185. Diversity

October 14, 2016

Some time ago we decided to adopt a lemur from the Moscow Zoo. Other companies favored wolves, tigers or crows, and we chose a lemur instead, because its tail resembles a bar code.

The sponsorship program included a backstage tour, where, among other things, we were shown how lemur food is prepared.

It turned out that lemurs only eat bananas. And, living in a cage, they get sad and bored with the monotonous life. And so zookeepers came up with an absolutely ingenious solution: each day they slice bananas differently. Circles, squares, straws, stars, waves, etc.—as far as the imagination goes. And it makes lemurs happy.

The author adopted this approach and has been using it for many years both in everyday life and in design.

Even the resources always stay the same, diversity is the key to success.

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