• Graphic design
  • Logo and visual identity for May Market supermarket chain

    Overview   Process  

    Task: to design a logo and visual identity for a grocery store chain.

    May Market is a chain of supermarkets selling food and household items located throughout the residential areas of Moscow and its suburbs. The logo and visual identity for the chain were developed at the studio.

    may logo
    Main logo

    The lovely young girl represents the warm and cozy atmosphere of small stores, and natural patterns emphasize the freshness of products.

    Release date: May 06 2015


    artistic director
    art director
    type designers
    project managers
    may grass
    New harvest

    The patterns of a meadow and a birch grove adorn store windows and look different in different lighting.

    may day
    may night
    Store at day and night

    The rules for using the logo and patterns are put together in a guidebook.

    may bb text
    Double-page spread on the proportions of the text and graphic portions of the logo

    may bb pattern
    Double-page spread on the corporate pattern

    may girl

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