Medisorb medications packaging

Task: to create a system for packaging medications.

Medisorb is a pharmaceutical company that produces several dozen of medications of various therapeutic groups. Every year the company produces and sells to pharmacies almost three hundred million packs of pills.

Beautiful packaging for existing medications and a system that allows to easily packaging for new ones were created at the studio.

The company already produces over forty types of medications with new drugs being added to the range every once in a while. This meant that simply drawing forty different packs was out of the question (what will the company do when new medications come out?). With the future in mind, we created smart patterns for packages where each element has a meaning.

The color of the lines shows to the pharmacist whether it’s a popular medication (a single color marks common drugs and a gradient is used on rare ones) and helps quickly find the product on the shelves. The width of the lines visually encodes the dosage: the thicker the line, the more pills are in the pack. The motif of the pattern shows which pharmaceutical group the drug belongs to.

medisorb type 01
Respiratory system
medisorb type 02
Musculoskeletal system
medisorb type 03
Digestive system
medisorb type 04
Nervous system
medisorb type 05
Genitourinary system and sex hormones
medisorb type 06
Antiparasitic drugs, insecticides and repellents

The comprehensive and carefully thought-out system makes the life of pharmacists easier and allows to endlessly generate meaningful designs.

medisorb packs

The color of the background shows whether the pack contains a prescription medication. Black color marks over-the-counter drugs while white designates prescription drugs.

The black color was chosen as primary since the first medication to be produced by the company was activated charcoal.

Dark packs stand out on the light background of pharmacy shelves.

medisorb final

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art director


project manager

Made in 77 days
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