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    Mega app for iPhone

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    Task: to make an app that makes shopping easy.

    Mega is a network of Russia’s largest shopping malls. Each one of them has over 200 stores. This application combines all the necessary information about products and services and makes it available to the user. The first version of the app only contains information about the malls in Moscow.

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    Switching between the four main screens is done by flipping through them. No matter what screen is opened at the moment, it is always easy to check the map or make changes to your shopping list
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    Release date: September 26 2013


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    mega app catalog
    The stores are divided into groups. Each group has its own icon. If there are only a few stores in a group, they show up as a regular list
    mega app ikea
    The store screen provides short description, business hours, and information about current promotions. Flipping to the left opens up the map of the shopping mall, with the particular store clearly marked
    mega app ach
    By visiting Mega malls with the app, shoppers get virtual status updates with “new achievements,” which can then be shared on social networks

    This is how it works

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