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    The making of Mega app for iPhone

    Overview   Process  

    First attempt. Searching for interesting ideas and concepts.

    mega app process 01

    Second attempt.

    mega app process 02

    Going further.

    mega app process 03

    No, right now the app looks like hundreds of others. We need to find something different, something that will emphasize Mega’s unique benefits. We get an idea to split the application in two parts: the user part will have various shopping information; the store part—the map, list of stores, sales, promotions, etc.

    mega app process 04

    In the new concept, the map is always at hand. It’s accessed by flipping to the left. The user shopping list is always available and accessed the same way. Drawing a detailed diagram of the app.

    mega app process 05

    The idea is good, but it looks boring. The art director suggests to take a look at Mega’s website and move closer to the overall style. Adding blocks to the application’s design.

    mega app process 06

    After some testing, we realize that “flip-through” navigation is not enough. Adding the bottom menu. Making the prototype.

    mega app process 07

    Designing all the screens.

    mega app process 08

    Making clear, animated examples for the programmers.

    Adding a selection of various backgrounds on the main screen, for holidays and special events.

    mega app process 09

    Making graphics for various achievements.

    mega app process 10

    Creating the app’s icon.

    mega app process 11

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