Megacard pocket booklet

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Task: to create informative packaging for a rewards card.

Megacard cards are given to visitors of Mega shopping and entertainment centers at registration desks. Each card comes with a pocket booklet with information on card features, conditions of use, deposit options, credit limit, as well as advise on safety measures and ATM use.

mega megacard booklet cover
The cover

Each side has its own time of day.

mega megacard booklet morning
mega megacard booklet night
It’s morning on the front and night on the back

The night side contains a mnemonic device to help you write down your PIN. To use it, pick any month you like and put the digits of your code in the squares starting with the month you’ve chosen. Then fill all other squares with random numbers. Only you will know where to start reading your PIN.

Release date: January 15 2013


art director
project manager

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