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Third version of Mega website

Website content is managed by Mega staff

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Task: to consolidate all information on shopping centers.

Since the launch of the previous version of the website, eleven new shopping centers were opened in various locations in Russia; with many shops offering discounts and special offers to their customers. The Mega website consolidates and carefully organizes all shopping center information, so that people don’t have to search for store information, special offer details, and shopping advice.

mega site3 main
The new main page opens its doors to visitors

The store database can be searched by name, category, or by using additional filters. The results are displayed as gallery or a list.
Each page has a short description of the store, overview of current promotions, and a link to the official website.

mega site3 shop
The store page

Release date: July 23 2013


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art director
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project managers
The studio would like to thank Anastasia Burak, Fatima Suanova, Galina Zubik, and Evgeny Lychov for their assistance on the project

The website is managed using Imprimatur I proprietary technology

Mega floor plans

mega site3 schemes

Retail stores are marked in the same way as the person would see them walking through the shopping center. The first thing that the customer sees are the fancy signs


The larger the scale, the more logos are shown on the map. The names appear for the biggest stores first


Detailed plan allows you to see all the names and logos

mega site3 esprit
Clicking on any of the squares brings up a brief description of the outlet

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