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    to create a logo for an internet project on home cooking.

    Menu of the Week is an original culinary internet project that comprises a website, themed groups in social networks and an educational online course. The aim of the project is to help women organize a system of home cooking saving time, energy and money. A clear and easily readable logo reflecting the nature of the project was created at the studio.

    The logo

    The text portion on the logo is overlaid on top of a background made of seven cards, the project’s signature fridge magnets with recipes for every day. The outlines of the logo resemble a thought bubble and symbolize choosing what to cook today.

    menunedeli set
    Ingredients that can be found in any kitchen

    menunedeli kit

    menunedeli magnets

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Aleksandr Strelkov

    project manager

    • Denis Zhelezny
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