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  • The making of the Moscow Metro round map

    Overview• Process IProcess II

    Testing what the slightly updated by the client pilot map for cars 2.0 could look like in round format.

    Trying to use the round space rationally. Moving airports and railway terminals to the top, bringing back the legend and the footer.

    It becomes evident that simply moving elements around won’t be enough. We need to reinvent the map from scratch.

    Defining the concept.

    Making the first approach to the round layout.

    What if we adapt not just the index?

    Discarding the spider map and continuing to experiment with the index. Unsuccessfully trying to fit all the station names in Russian on the left and in English on the right.

    Remembering about the legend. Bending it and placing to the right of the map, near Novokosino.

    Suddenly a new idea for the index comes up, entirely ruthless from the point of view of typesetting and maintenance.

    Remembering about the coordinate grid, starting the adaptation.

    Realizing that the grid is not comfortable in its new home. Deciding to return to this issue later.

    To evaluate the scale of the future map, placing silhouettes of average passengers next to it.

    Moving on to full-scale tests. Unfortunately, right around this time the wide-format printer runs out of paper and we have to print the map on 49 A4-sized pages. (Later the designer will admit that it was one of the least rational decisions in his life.)

    Some trash and cardboard boxes help put the map up.

    Looking at what we had before.

    Comparing to what we have now.