Art object Symbol

The making of the Moscow Central Circle symbol

Overview• Process

Understanding the task. We need to create a number symbol and a graphic style for the new Moscow Metro line, the Moscow Central Circle. The symbol and the graphic language should differentiate the new line from all others since in fact it is a different type of transport with its own logo.

Starting to work on the designs. Trying them right on the map.

Choosing three promising versions: railway dotted line, double line and an alternating color line.

mcc identity process new 02

Moving on to the digits. The Moscow Central Circle became a full-fledged Moscow Metro line number 14. Preparing different layouts and choosing the better ones.

Listening to the client’s comments: they want to inherit one of the elements of the style of the Little Circle of the Moscow Railways and make sure the new symbol includes two red lines. Trying to integrate the elements.

mcc identity process 01

Looking at how the numbers fit in the overall navigation system.

mcc identity process 02

The client and the art director reach a consensus and choose the version with two red lines and black digits inside as the resulting symbol stands out in the range of Moscow Metro lines.

The next stage are map designations. Choosing the look of the interchanges.

mcc identity process 03

The design with a hollow dot inside wins. One of the features of the new line is that apart from the traditional underground interchanges it has many interchanges that require going across the street. Looking at graphic differences between the lines.

mcc identity process 04