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    The making of the Moscow Central Circle art object

    Overview• Process

    Initially, the object was supposed to be in a covered area, but at the very last moment this was changed, it will now be installed outdoors.

    Taking a look at the place: the object will be located by the entrance to Luzhniki station of the Moscow Central Circle.

    Exploring the recent developments in the art object world.

    Sketching ideas and choosing four concepts for presentation to the client.

    Upward movement

    Three rows of metal pipes make two corridors. They have steps which make it easy to ascend between the layers of the Metro map.

    Ne prislonyatsa (Do not lean on doors)

    At the core of the object is the phrase known to everyone in Russia. However, it won’t be used at the Moscow Central Circle: the doors in cars will be opened by the push of a button. Thus, it is only logical to take the iconic text out of the cars and put it in front of the station.

    The phrase is broken down into seven segments, each made of two letters. Each segment rotates on its axis and has a seat. An information plate is located on the lawn in front of the object.

    Metro car wireframe

    A wireframe mock-up made of metal pipes represents the internal and external design of a Lastochka-type car. The car stands on wheels also made of pipes.

    Metro of fate

    Metro lines are shown on a palm. A gigantic hand with colored Metro lines attracts attention. The design is made of two parts: the hand and the lines.

    The client asks us to think some more. Deciding not to abandon the pipe idea and to add more interactivity by allowing to use the pipes as speaking tubes.

    Searching for the best pipe design.

    Developing abstract ideas.

    The client leans towards a large letter M. Starting the search for the most aesthetically pleasing implementation. We have to abandon the speaking tube idea due to technical reasons.

    The client chooses the first design made of colored pipes which we subsequently finalize.

    Preparing supporting documentation with production recommendations and overseeing the installation.