The making of the Mettle logo

Overview• Process

Client: In 2014 together with a friend I started a company producing suitcase covers. We were the first in Russia to offer this kind of products. In three years we were able to bring reach a considerable audience. We would have continued expanding, but it didn’t work out (the “friend” and I had a fallout and all I was left with was some money to produce the first batch and the experience).

Brand name: Mettle.
Website: (being developed).
Target audience: 18–45 years old.
80% female, 20% male.
Good quality at an affordable price.
Simple, elegant, noticeable, soft colors.

Areas of company activity:
—production and sale of leather men’s and women’s bags/backpacks and accessories;
—production and sale of suitcase covers, medium and medium+ price segments;
—travel accessories (pillows, sleep masks, holdalls, garment bags, organizers, etc.).

Plans for the future:
—supplement the range with suitcases produced by us.

Designer: Here are some ideas.

mettle process 01

Art director: 4.

Designer: Here it is:

mettle process 02

Art director: Go with number 7.

Designer: Made some adjustments.

mettle process 03

Art director: Vova, 3 is OK, no need to work on it any further. The color ones don’t look good.