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MICEX website 2.0

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The first version of the MICEX website was created by the Studio in 1998. It was then a representational site telling about its activities and included only one interactive service that allowed subscribers to monitor real-time data.

The second MICEX website provides information on listed Russian companies and potential market players. This new database is different from the previous one as it can receive changes from the companies themselves (access is subject to registration).

New structure and design concept

New companies wishing to publish information about their business can do it by filling in online forms. Submitted data is added to the database after verification by MICEX experts.

The site provides a range of useful tools for searching and browsing, and access to the online version of “1000 Russia’s Best Enterprises”, a reference book prepared by the Expret Institue in cooperation with MICEX and the National Institute of Corporate Reform.

MICEX Online interface was updated to allow users access to real-time and archived market information, and enable creating reports and saving personal settings.

There are four separate sections: Currencies, Stocks, GKO-OFZ and Standard Contracts. Each of them comprises information on the financial instruments traded, news, analytics, FAQ, etc.

Every section opens with a page containing charts and tables on the most liquid instruments with ample search opportunities.

Internet Trading section tells about new MICEX automated brokerage systems and their capabilities.

Corporate stock market is given special attention. Users can find details of IPO and listing as well as relevant MICEX statistics.

Visitors to the website can also learn about new equities and invesments initiated by MICEX or other financial institutions, latest information products (SPOT technical analysis, MICEX Web Client), regional market conditions and developments, important economic and political news, and so on.

Release date: June 29 2001


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