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MICEX website 3.0

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The site presents exhaustive information on Russia’s leading stock exchange, the current market conditions in Moscow and the largest financial centers of the country.

This resource aims to enable quick access to the latest financial, stock and forward market data. Its front page provides real-time quotes, indexes and main market news. Trading Information section contains current and archived exchange results for different financial instruments and sectors. Visitors may monitor the market by viewing key figures and charts free of charge, while access to the complete data is subject to paying subscription.

Main page

There are four separate sections—Currencies, Stocks, GKO-OFZ and Standard Contracts—that comprise information on the financial instruments traded, news, analytics, FAQ, etc. For users, there is a whole range of useful searching and browsing tools available.

Stock Market section offers details about the MICEX issuers including news archives, company documents, links, references and stock information.

The site also provides ample information on 6000 Russian enterprises derived from the SKRIN database. New companies may submit their profiles by filling in online forms.

Release date: March 30 2002


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