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    The making of Microfibrus Tekstus

    Overview   Packaging   Process  

    Generating ideas, trying to mention the wiping motion.

    microfibrus tekstus process 01

    Art director: It’s all bad.

    Designer: No one knows what microfiber is, we can tell.

    microfibrus tekstus process 02

    Art director: We’ll need to write the text ourselves, not copy it from Wikipedia. And it’s a go.

    The editor writes the text: “Microfiber is a synthetic fiber made from extremely thin threads. Its high absorption properties allow it to remove dirt without the use of chemicals. It was first invented in Japan in the 1970s. The fabric knitted from ultra-fine fibers with tiny gaps between them absorbs water, dust and grease without leaving any residue or lint on the surface. Microfiber can be easily washed and dries fast, it does not fade, shrink or electrify.”

    No, we need more facts and less of all these “thinnest,” “ultra-fine” and “without leaving any.” We can compare the absorption properties of microfiber with cotton or tell about the high-tech manufacturing process or that microfiber thread is thinner than a human hair and absorbs even fat thanks to its fibers of different diameter.

    The editor searches the internet for true facts while the manager gets microfiber specs from our producing subcontractors.

    Simultaneously making an approximate layout and decorating the packaging.

    microfibrus tekstus process 03

    Choosing the name:
    Microfibrus Fibrus
    Microfibrus Tekstus
    Microfibrus Factus
    Microfibrus Voloknus
    Microfibrus Likbezus

    Getting the final text, typesetting it and sending for printing.

    microfibrus tekstus process 04

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