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    to develop a modern corporate identity.

    The Ministry of Culture of Moscow Oblast is a central executive body of the government of special competence which is responsible for preservation, use and promotion of architectural landmarks and objects of cultural heritage in Moscow Oblast. A modern corporate identity with strong historical and cultural roots was created for the Ministry at the studio.

    mkmo logo
    Primary logo

    The Ministry’s logo is a stylized image of a country estate on a dynamic background whose outline resembles Moscow Oblast borders. The logo also resembles a dense and shady manor park. The deep burgundy and rich red colors symbolize the cultural heritage of the Oblast, while the green represents the beauty of its nature.

    minkult colors
    Additional versions of the logo

    Based on the background, a pattern was created for use in the design of business documents and printed media.

    minkult docs
    Folder, envelopes and letterheads

    The set of corporate pictograms includes icons for events, places and objects that can be used in navigation projects.

    minkult divisions

    minkult map
    Places and events

    Rules for the use of the logo and all elements of the Ministry’s corporate identity are given in a style guide.

    minkult couple

    art director

    type designer



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