• Graphic design
  • The making of the Ministry of Culture of Moscow Oblast logo and corporate identity

    Overview• Process

    Sketching the first ideas.

    minkult process 01

    Continuing the search.

    minkult process 02

    Settling on one design.

    minkult process 03

    Finalizing and giving a presentation.

    minkult process 04

    Client: We suggest to replace the green color with noble burgundy. Our associations: color of the Kremlin walls, theater curtains, color of theater seats, country manor interior, antique book binding, Moscow sunsets...

    Developing the chosen direction.

    minkult process 05

    Coming up with style-defining pictograms and demonstrating to the client once again.

    minkult process 06

    All that’s left is to choose the final shape and the color.

    minkult process 07

    The logo is chosen, the pattern is drawn, the icons are created, time to assemble a more serious and modern brand book. Typesetting letterheads, envelopes, folders and souvenir products.