The making of the Monitorcen logo

Overview• Process

Client: We have been monitoring prices in Russia’s hypermarkets and supermarkets since 2010.года.

Sergei Ipatov, the project manager, worked in retail for 15 years before starting this project. He regularly ordered price monitoring services and saw the shortcomings of existing agencies: students with pencils collected data slowly, were expensive and prone to errors.

We came up with a way to collect prices from price checkers, quickly and accurately. You can learn more about our technologies at

Our clients include Auchan, Karusel, O’KEY, Perekrestok, Globus, Azbuka Vkusa, VksuVill, Izbenka, Dixy, Da!, SPAR.

The aim of the logo and the identity: to strengthen the credibility of the agency as an experienced and technically advanced expert in price monitoring.

How we differ:
—We can quickly scan prices using price checkers.
—We maintain our own iOS application.
—We make sure the product can be find by its bar code.
—We scan the product price twice, using both its shelf tag and a price checker.
—We substantiate report data with photographs of shelf tags, products and price checker readouts.
—We show price history on the personal account page.
—We care about automating monitoring and data accuracy control.

First designer: The first idea is a metaphor for a shelf tag with a bar code. The second symbolizes a product whose price is being monitored by the agency.

monitorcen process 01

Art director: Both are lacking.

Second designer: Something to start with.

monitorcen process 02

Art director: Moving on.

Third designer: I keep thinking about bar codes and scanners.

monitorcen process 03

Art director: 5 is OK, but I want to see those images with no architectural references.

Fourth designer: Also about bar codes and shelf tags. And a robot. And a scanner dude.

monitorcen process 04

Art director: The scanner dude is interesting. Moving on.

Fourth designer: Sketched a couple of designs with him.

monitorcen process 05

Art director: Looks nice, but it’s hard to shake off a feeling of pirates or a carnival. Try something else.

Fourth designer: I tried to get rid of the pirate. And a couple more options.

monitorcen process 06

Art director: The guy looks like a swimmer, it won’t work. He doesn’t look like a machine.

Fifth designer:

monitorcen process 07

Art director: Moving on.

Sixth designer: The shape of the symbol can change (particles flow from the triangle to the ball, for example).

Monitoring means surveillance (eye, pupil). Prices are dynamic parameters that are constantly changing. Which is why the eye is made of small elements where a colored gradient is constantly pulsing and flowing, showing that monitoring is a continuous process.

Also, instead of the eye shape we can use a triangle as a symbol of hierarchy.

monitorcen process 08
monitorcen process 09
monitorcen process 10

Art director: Moving on.

Seventh designer: Simple price checkers and also in the shape of М + Ц.

monitorcen process 11
monitorcen process 12

Art director: No.

Third designer: What about this?

monitorcen process 13

Art director: This is better. What if we have three peaks instead of two at the top? Or make the walls less vertical?

Third designer: Not sure I understood about the three peaks.

monitorcen process 14

Art director: Forget about three peaks. But let’s not forget about the letter Ц, right now it’s not visible at all.

Third designer:

monitorcen process 15

Art director: No, you lost all that was good here. Let’s go back to the uniform strict design and paint the bottom tail black.

Third designer:

monitorcen process 16

Art director: There needs to be a horizontal section. М at the top and the tail of Ц at the bottom.

Third designer: Like this? Maybe in this case the tail shouldn’t be of different color?

monitorcen process 17 1
monitorcen process 17 2
monitorcen process 17 3

Art director: 30a is getting there. Just make sure to position everything evenly and clearly. And add more beams. It’s better to color the tail. Also try to color the word Monitor in red.

Third designer:

monitorcen process 18 1
monitorcen process 18 2

Art director: 41 б.

Third designer:

monitorcen process 19

Art director: Try to make all beams converge in a single point.

Third designer: Done.

monitorcen process 20

Art director: The black tail should be slightly separated from that point. And be triangular in shape.

Third designer: Like this?

monitorcen process 21

Art director: Make the top of the black triangle horizontal.

Third designer:

monitorcen process 22

Art director: Make the black triangle isosceles and slightly larger. And make sure its shape matches the shape of the Ц.

Third designer: Should I move it?

monitorcen process 23

Art director: No, it’s OK where it is.