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    Moscow construction site appearance concept 2.0

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    to improve fencing modules.

    The city construction site design concept created at the studio aims to explain the importance of construction work to people and decrease their frustration with temporary inconveniences. The second version adds photographs of construction stages and completed objects and combines graphics and slogans with a rhythmic pattern.

    Fencing module structure

    Several types of modules with various content were created allowing their use in areas with uneven terrain and broken perimeter. Long modules are used for straight stretches of fencing while short modules are employed at bend points.

    Variety of modules will keep pedestrians entertained

    The concept can be applied to any urban media.

    City format and billboard

    Guidelines for creating slogans, typography, typesetting and combining information blocks are given in a detailed guide.

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev

    secret advisor

    • Еrken Kagarov


    • Aleksandr Karavaev

    designer and typesetter

    • Igor Gorelyshev

    chief typesetter

    • Iskander Mukhamadeev


    • Nikolay Nedashkovsky


    • Anna Potapkina

    project manager

    • Svetlana Kost