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Logo and visual identity for New Year celebrations in Moscow

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Task: to develop a logo and a visual identity for New Year celebrations in Moscow.

The Best Winter City is a New Year festival which takes place on streets, boulevards and parks of Moscow. By request of the Department of Culture of Moscow, the studio created a logo and a visual identity for festive decoration of the city and of all New Year events.

moscow ny logo
Winter calligraphy fairy tale

The light and transparent logo hints at garlands, streamers, whirling snowstorms, traces of skates on ice and frost flowers on window panes while its shape resembles a New Year ornament.

moscow ny figures
New Year motifs

Release date: November 21 2013


artistic director
art director
project managers
The studio wishes to thank Anna Kovalevskaya and Ekaterina Pronicheva for their help with the project
moscow ny border
Openwork border with themed pictograms

Elegant monochrome elements—the logo, the pattern, the border, vignettes and pictograms—beautifully blend with bright and cheerful color accents that radiate the New Year spirit.

moscow ny jam
Warming raspberry

The guidebook contains information about the use of all style elements and recommendations on decoration of various city media.

moscow ny bb colors
The opening on colors
moscow ny bb boards
The opening on using patterns on billboards
moscow ny bb scene
The opening on stage decoration during festive concerts

moscow ny promo

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