Promo website Website 2.0

The making of the Discover Moscow promo website

Process II

Having obtained the client’s approval, starting to compile a short list of the buildings. Consciously abandoning all overly popular landmarks.

um process 01

Deciding to go with the State Historical Museum, Ostankino Tower, Ploschad Revolyutsii Metro Station and the Stakheev Homestead.

um process 02

Ultimately deciding no to use the Stakheev Homestead. The concept is approved. Time to collect the facts. Approaching the Ostankino press office, meeting with deputy director of the State Historical Museum, talking to historians.

um process 03

Holding extensive photo shoots.

um process 04

Starting to draw. (See the backstage pages for details about the creation of promo pages for Ostankino Tower and the State Historical Museum).

All reference information appears in popup windows which are positioned behind event illustrations where possible.

um process 08

Buttons for moving on to the next event have arrows pointing to the location where it happened.

um process 09

Descriptions of events are prepared by press offices and the studio’s editor.

um process 10

Another designer joins in to help draw the Metro station. Creating a sketch with placeholders for the facts.

um process 11

Choosing a better angle.

um process 12

Drawing the interior of the station and various characters in the scene.

um process 13

The result looks very natural but does not fit into the overall mood. The designer is advised to watch Grand Budapest Hotel as an example of excellent understanding of atmosphere and color.

um process 14

Fragment of the illustration before and after the changes.

um process 15

Each of the three pages include text explanation. Asking the editor to bring some life to these texts by adding information about the buildings while adhering to the main idea, which is to tell about the project through the prism of architectural construction. Drawing miniatures for the footer.

um process 16

The type designer prepares page titles.

um process 17
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