M.Video corporate typeface

Overview   Process  

Task: to create a soft grotesque typeface with rounded endings.

The typeface is suitable for writing banner headlines, catalog articles, navigation signs and text on the pages of M.Video corporate website. The calm and inconspicuous face includes four styles: regular, light, bold and bold condensed. Broad proportions, sharp endings of certain characters and considerable difference between the height of capital letters and ascenders give this new typeface a special character. It becomes more evident in larger sizes and improves legibility in smaller ones.

mvideo type
The typeface is created exclusively for internal company use

mvideo type ad

mvideo type 24 hour
The new face pleases the visitors of the M.Video store 24/7

Release date: February 12 2013


art director
secret adviser
project manager

The studio wishes to thank Gayane Bagdasaryan for her help with hinting and programming of the typeface

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