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  • The making of the M.Video corporate typeface

    Overview   Process  

    Starting to work. Thinking how the full range of styles will look with required parameters. It has to be a soft grotesque with rounded endings and open characters.

    mvideo type process 01

    Using the type in existing layouts.

    mvideo type process 02

    Showing the result to the client. He doesn’t like the character of the face, it doesn’t catch the eye. The client asks to change the concept making the type more modern, expressive and interesting in shape.

    mvideo type process 03

    Deciding to use sharp endings.

    mvideo type process 04

    Making digits, math and currency symbols lower than capital letters.

    mvideo type process 05

    Writing the slogan in bold italics.

    mvideo type process 06

    Preparing the required character set.

    mvideo type process 07

    Sending the type for hinting and testing the result.

    mvideo type process 08

    The typeface works well even in the most extreme conditions.

    mvideo type process 09

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