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New England corporate identity

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Problem. Create corporate identity for an investment project.

New England is a new district to be developed in the south of St. Petersburg near Peterhof and Strelna. At present, this plot of land scheduled for residential and business construction is a field meant for growing cabbage. And in just a couple of years, if nothing frustrates the plans, it will be occupied by a satelite city built using the most advanced British construction technologies.

We thought of a flying island to illustrate the project—it represents a piece of land making its way from Albion to the Northern Palmyra. We turned it into a logo and added nice slogans in two languages to appeal to both Russian and foreign investors.

Colored logo with the slogan

Black and white logo with the slogan

Successful takeoff and landing

Release date: March 12 2008


artistic director
art director

It only takes forty seconds and our photocollection sky images to add a corporate touch to any photograph

Envelopes, folders, letterheads, business cards and a CD

CD on a thick gift plate—the patterns match if you rotate the disc

Print ads feature diggers craving for the New England island

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