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New England exhibition stand

Problem. Show off on a 6.5×6.5 ft patch.

International Mipim exhibition takes place in Cannes every spring. It’s a real estate trade show where companies present new development projects, search for partners and establish business relations. New England attended Mipim 2008 along with other participants from St. Petersburg.

A proud fleet of gold diggers craving a piece of the promising New England island hit the stand’s blue skies.

From the front: Action diggers were excavating the whole time making buzzing sounds and drawing attention of the excited audience

The machines caused a great stir and attracted lots of people. They had to be turned off just once so as not to distract anyone from an important speaker.

From the back: Lightbox providing project information

A radio controlled digger traveled the floor aiming for the potential investors’ feet to excite their interest. The thing won tremendous popularity and became a highlight of the show.

On the last day of the exhibition the hero was all by himself and got stolen

Release date: March 18 2008


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