NITA air traffic control consoles

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to develop a series of enclosures for air traffic control consoles.

Since 1990, NITA (New Information Technologies in Aviation) has been developing air navigation equipment and software for aviation systems. Design for a series of air traffic control consoles was created at the studio for the company.

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An air traffic control console usually includes five screens and has a tall back panel. Screens can be tilted within 10° to ensure better visibility

The series includes consoles of three types: air traffic control consoles, command posts and operator consoles. Enclosure elements are unified to be combined depending on the purpose of the console. Height of the tabletop with the keyboard, switches, sensor and key panels can be adjusted. The structure allows to add sections with additional screens, switching and radio equipment as well as new workplaces.

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Air traffic control manager, engineer or operator console

Air traffic control officers, operators, managers and engineers continually monitor the airfield. Their consoles do not exceed 1100 mm (") in height to provide a wide view of the area. If needed, screens can be tilted or lowered below the tabletop.

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The enclosures are made of metal and plastic sandwich panels and composite plastic. A special coating ensures reflected light is diffused to prevent glare. The abrasion-resistant materials can be easily cleaned using standard detergents.

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Control tower console

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