• Industrial design
  • The making of the NITA air traffic control consoles

    Overview• Process

    Visiting the client.

    Investigating work conditions of the air traffic control officers.

    Looking at how the consoles are produced.

    Trying to understand modern industry standards.

    Systematizing them and presenting in a clear way.

    Analyzing solutions employed around the world.

    Drawing the first sketches. Not what we need.

    Making the second attempt.

    Choosing four potential directions.

    Evaluating. Picking two designs out of the four and developing them further.

    Carefully elaborating both designs in sketches in real-life proportions.

    Choosing the final solution.

    Searching for table support.

    Showing the draft model to the client. Discussing the details.

    Demonstrating the entire range.

    Creating final models of three types of consoles.

    Building a mock-up of the most complex console.