Orient Finance Bank website

Task: to create a website explaining how a bank is changing lives for the better.

Since 2010, Orient Finance Bank has been helping people and companies in Uzbekistan to change their lives for the better, to grow and fulfill their dreams. A website for the bank that makes the work of the bank’s clients easier, frees them of routine and saves their time was created at the studio.

Making wishes come true

The main page contains collections of wishes that inspire visitors to think about who they want to be, what they want to do, to feel more successful and to see themselves from the outside.

The main page contains real examples of wishes that the bank helps fulfill. At first it might seem that saving enough for a vacation in Thailand is impossible, but Orient Finance is offering a line of credit that is easy to pay off and which will allow you to finally see the sea.

Some of the cards are interactive: dragging the amount slider shows what you can buy with the money, transforming a traditional online calculator into an exciting mini game that inspires and makes the bank more interesting.

Convincing stories

Pages of individual products clearly explain their importance and benefits. Special features are demonstrated as promo levels. Flexible block structure allows to create personal pages for products showcasing their values.

Honest bank

Orient Finance is not shy about communicating with its clients openly and honestly. The website uses real photos of the bank’s employees, clients and their businesses. Real people talk about how they use the bank’s products, offer advice and help understand the details of banking services.

Modular system

Pages are assembled from modules. Employees of the bank possess a complete set of tools for creating navigation, product or text pages with content suitable for any task. Modules work great both on desktops and mobile devices.

Beautiful graphics

Partners of the bank offer a variety of attractive services and discounts to their clients. All of the services are illustrated with expressive icons.

National character

Pages of the website are decorated with patterns that were inspired by traditional ornaments yet look modern and fresh. The patterns help encode the services. Some of the motifs are themed: they contain special symbols related to the bank’s products such as houses, arrows, hourglasses and everything else.

The key element of most of the ornaments is the eight-pointed star, an oriental symbol of spiritual uplift
The main source of inspiration in drawing the patterns were geometric and floral ornaments of Samarkand majolica
Popular products have themed patterns with hidden symbols and objects


beta tester

content manager

  • From Orient Finance


  • Arlan Baykhodzhaev
  • The studio wishes to thank Khosiyat Khatamova, Bahrom Yuldashev and Timofey Marinov for their help with the project
Made in 128 days
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