Only Land real estate agency logo

Task: to design a logo for a real estate agency specializing in land.

It’s great to live in an apartment building! Neighbors to the left have a small party, a cigarette stub is burning a hole through your nice balcony, the corridors look like a morgue, someone is creating a homely atmosphere with a drill, grannies by the entrance discuss your life choices.

Living on your own piece of land is bland by comparison. Apple and plum trees, barbecue, guests coming over from time to time. Birds are tweeting (the cat is still afraid to scare them off).

The best land plots are sold by Only Land.

The logo is simple and bold, a testament to experience and talent. All earthly colors combined to create a diamond!

Take a closer look and you will see that the symbol looks like soil cross section: the water is blue and there is a small but confident green sprout.

only land grass
only land car
only land final

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project manager

Made in 18 days
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