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ONLY website 1.0

[The work is in the museum]

Welcome, bath lovers!

If you are one of those steam bathing people and enjoy watching clay cartoons, you will certainly like this site.

You will also like it if you appreciate nude sculpture, or fancy mice, or cats.

This cute as can be website belongs to ONLY, a supplier of Finnisha Harvia saunas, heaters and fireplaces, and Asko washing machines, stoves, irons, etc.

Beware of high Internet connection speed requirements (100 Mbit/s)

Release date: February 19 2000


leadership, ideas, arguments with Solovyov
ideas, arguments with Lebedev
clay modelling
realization of Lebedev’s and Solovyov’s ideas
composition, retouching
HTML magic
coordination, client care
Art. Lebedev Studio proprietary technology
  • Claying site consisting of a wooden table and an old newspaper
  • Typeface: Handmade Sans Serif

    Only legal clay was used in this project

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