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    to develop a website for a company selling sauna equipment.
    populated by the client

    Only is a Russian distributor of ready-made saunas and related equipment. The website created at the studio contains detailed information about heaters, steam generators, fireplaces, heat radiators, chimneys, evaporators and other components that make up Finnish bathing experience.

    only main
    Design of all pages is based on simple geometry and airy typography

    Patterns draw attention to specific product categories

    Planks   Leaves   Stones

    Patterns draw attention to specific product categories

    Product catalog

    The updated catalog features simple navigation and contains individual items and ready solutions for designing saunas in different styles.

    Catalog structure replicates layout of the main page

    Rows of product cards in the catalog are broken up by inserts with useful information.

    only catalog
    Helpful tips

    Product selection

    Product cards in the catalog are accompanied by photographs and details about advantages of each model. Related items are offered on the same page.

    Main details   Required accessories

    Customers designing a sauna from scratch can use the calculator that determines all construction parameters and prepares an order.

    only calculator screenshot

    Setting the mood

    Simple and concise product descriptions invite to make a purchase. Drawings that change depending on the current weather and season illustrate all text information.

    art director

    • Ludwig Bistronovsky


    • Evgeny Panov
    • Viktoria Onischuk
    • Svetlana Yaroshevich

    technical designers

    • Lyudmila Lyalina
    • Anna Voshkarina
    • Aleksey Martynov
    • Tatyana Buchneva
    • Oleg Petko


    • Valery Yatsko
    • Dmitry Yakimenko
    • Evgeny Shiryaev


    • Aleksandr Nosikov

    project managers

    • Elena Fedosikhina
    • Irina Aron
    • Daler Alierov
    • The website is managed using Imprimatur I (Parser) proprietary technology
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