The making of the Only website 4.0

Overview• Process

Making the first attempt.

only site4 process 01

Finalizing and putting together a presentation.

only site4 process 02

The client likes the general idea but wants the website to contain more information about the company and its services. Trying to improve the concept by shifting the emphasis from products to services. Adding service descriptions, combining all information into a cohesive story about building a sauna. Adding cozy patterns to bring diversity to strict information blocks.

only site4 process 03

Suggesting a solution that makes use of an additional menu.

only site4 process 04

The designers celebrate and move on to other pages.

only site4 process 05

Paying special attention to the sauna cost calculators. Sketching an isometric illustration with a gradually growing sauna.

only site4 process 06

Meanwhile, the number of pages keeps growing.

only site4 process 07

Creating recommendations for preparing materials to make it easy for the customer to add content to the website on their own.

only site4 process 08

Moving on to technical graphics.

only site4 process 09

Choosing the style of the illustrations. Finding the first version of the company’s website created at the studio. Trying to continue the clay story. Purchasing clay.

only site4 process 10

Clay doesn’t seem to work. Trying a different approach.

only site4 process 11

We need a banner for the header that would introduce the company.

only site4 process 12

The complex illustration doesn’t survive through testing. Deciding to go with a linear illustration of a sauna in different layouts. Launching the website and preparing the announcement.