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Optimus Maximus for software developers

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For those who want to work directly with the device

Software developers can program Optimus Maximus using the virtual drive, which means no OS specific drivers are required for it, and programming is as simple as creating a .cmd file. To make it easier, we have created Optimus Maximus SDK. The SDK features support for HID—capability added in the 0.76b firmware update—that allows capturing keypress events regardless of what keycode has been assigned to the keys. Optimus Maximus SDK includes:

MaximusLibrary (C++ Library, see OptimusMaximus.h for interface overview)

MaximusLibraryUsageExample (C++ usage example plus simple Snake and Memory games)

MaximusCOM (COM wrapper for MaximusLibrary)

Compiled binaries for all examples and games (Visual C++ runtime required, and COM must be registered with registerCOM.cmd)

 OptimusMaximusSDK.zip — library for Windows with an example of use 480 KB

 OptimusProtocol.pdf — protocol overview 290 KB

For plugin developers

Optimus Maximus Configurator SDK allows to extend Configurator functionality and create your own plugins. SDK includes:

iMXPlugin.h (plugin interface description)

BasicExample (plugin with preferences example)

Bubblewrap (bubble wrap game plugin example)

 OptimusMaximusConfiguratorSDK.zip — plugin interface for Windows with examples of use 76 KB

Got plugins?
Developers are welcome to send us their plugins for Optimus Configurator. We’ll be posting them on this page

If you have any trouble, please send details to support@artlebedev.com. Don’t forget to specify the version of your operating system

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