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Optimus Maximus software and documents

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Optimus Maximus Configurator allows you to switch between different layouts depending on the current OS language or active application. You can customize layout either through the Settings menu or using an external graphic editor. Interface is based on layers used to create custom keyboard layouts.



Download and install Optimus Maximus Configurator. Plug in your Optimus Maximus keyboard and connect it to your computer. Tray icon color changes the moment Configurator detects Optimus Maximus keyboard.

Software version 0.0.19 features

  • 64-bit OS compatibility issues fixed

Download and launch Optimus Maximus Configurator.

Software version 0.73 features

  • Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks compatibility issues fixed

  • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion or higher is required

3,2 MB
1,6 MB

Keyboard user manuals

In English
 optimus-maximus-manual-eng.pdf   168 KB

In German
 optimus-maximus-manual-ger.pdf   132 KB

In Russian
 optimus-maximus-manual-rus.pdf   184 KB

Replacement of keys

In English
 optimus-maximus-keys-manual-eng.pdf   384 KB

In Russian
 optimus-maximus-keys-manual-rus.pdf   405 KB

Software version 0.0.18 features

  • Computer locked condition

  • Screensaver running condition

  • Macro string action in Functions plugin

  • Bubblewap game plugin

  • Initial state setting for Switch by Action condition

  • Gmail plugin envelope image fixed

Software version 0.0.17 features

  • Plugins interface updated

  • Compatibility with IntelliType software added

  • Option to hide Maximus virtual drive added

Software version 0.0.16 features

  • .layers extension support for layers exchange

  • Application condition bugfixes

Software version 0.0.15 features

  • Default mailer plugin

  • POP-3 plugin

  • International backslash moved to the virtual keyboard

Software version 0.0.14

  • “Win” key can be used as a modifier in conditions

  • Firmware update allows rollback to previous versions

  • Configurator update check feature added

  • Layer activation conditions bugfix

Software version 0.0.13

  • Numerous bugfixes

Software version 0.0.12

  • Text mode input condition added

Software version 0.0.11

  • Display text plugin

  • Simple hotkey action plugin

  • Apllication can be dragged on display plugin to extract icon

  • Monitor plugins preferences added

  • Export/Import layer or layer image function added

Software version 0.0.10

  • Switch layer by key action plugin and condition (at first the switch condition should be added to the target layer)

  • Video plugin preferences fixed

Version 0.0.9

  • Video plugin toggle sound action

  • Applications can be added in layer conditions

  • Windows tweaks demo plugin

Version 0.0.8

  • Video plugin (beta) supports streaming video

  • International backslash support

  • Virtual keyboard for keys programming

Version 0.0.7

  • Video plugin (beta)

Version 0.0.6

  • Preference dialog

  • Outdated firmware check

  • Toolbar icons

  • Execute Action plugin

Version 0.0.5

  • Clock, Gmail and three System Monitor plugins

Software version 0.72 features

  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility issue fixed

Software version 0.71 features

  • Macro keys action-plugin

  • New stable 0.77c firmware included

Software version 0.70 features

  • New fast and stable 0.76 firmware included with automatic backlight adjustment

Software version 0.661 features

  • New ".layers" file format for quick importing and exporting sets of layers

  • Language conditions now allow to assign layers to Asian input methods

  • Better multiple user support

Software version 0.65 features

  • New more stable firmware 0.74 included

  • Three new plugins: Google Mail, Google Calendar, Click Menu action

Software version 0.64 features

  • Several improvements for Type Text plugin

  • CapsLock modifier was moved to a separate condition

Software version 0.63

  • Action plugins now work fast and could be assigned to a modifier-dependent layers

  • Two new plugins: iTunes Control and Volume Control

Software version 0.62

  • The old-new interface for plugins selection

  • Two new plugins: Type Text and Toggle Layer

Software version 0.61

  • Hybrid layers that display both image and letters on a same button

Software version 0.60

  • Whole new interface and plugin controls

  • Faster 0.67 keyboard firmware included in the package

  • Icon library with common pre-designed pictures

Software version 0.591

  • Crash and bug fixes in Exposé & Spaces plugin and automatic updater

Version 0.59

  • New plugins: Execute AppleScript, Shell Command, Exposé & Spaces

  • Bug fixes in software Installer and plugins

Version 0.58

  • Create multiple buttons with only one mouse gesture

  • Numerous Configurator and Driver bug and crash-fix

Version 0.57

  • New plugin: Scancode with basic functionality

  • File browsing in application condition

  • Settings and update windows were re-arranged

  • Several Configurator and Driver bug-fixes

Version 0.56

  • New plugins: Open File and Open Location

  • Numerous Driver fixes and optimizations

  • Both Configurator and Driver are now Leopard-only applications

Version 0.55

  • New plugins: Animation (GIF and movie), Date & Time

  • Driver was updated

Version 0.54

  • New plugins: Network Speed, Traffic and Processor Temperature

Version 0.53

  • New plugins: Storage Space and Uptime

  • GMail plugin crash and other bugs were fixed

Version 0.52

  • Automatic Configurator and Driver software updates

  • Icon and graphics were updated

  • Firmware update tool included in Configurator

  • CapsLock modifier now can be turned on in preferences

Configurator manuals

In English
 optimus-maximus-configurator-manual-eng.pdf   120 KB

In Russian
 optimus-maximus-configurator-manual-rus.pdf   412 KB

Layers for Mac Configurator 0.66 and later







Layers for PC Configurator




More on Everything Optimus

How to add presets

Double click .layers file or drag and drop it onto the Optimus Maximus Configurator application. You may also click the Import button on the toolbar and locate .layers file.

Any trouble? Feel free to e-mail us at support@artlebedev.com. Please do not forget to specify the version of your operating system.

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