Chocolate Cubes packaging

Overview   Process  

Task: to create a product name, logo, and packaging for a box of chocolates.

There’re coming new nine-gram chocolates to the market under the O’Zera trademark. The new line has a variety of flavors from milk to dark chocolate. Our studio was commissioned to design a product name, logo, and packaging.

os cubes logo
The main version of the logo
os cubes gift
The logo makes you think of chocolate and presents

Release date: August 12 2011


artistic director
art director
type designer
packaging designer
project managers

The package turned out really fancy and elaborate—just what your need to dress up a box of chocolates for a decent gift.

os cubes package
Four flavors, four colors

There is a very handy tab inside the box to make the chocolate-lifting job less of a hassle.

os cubes inside
Milk chocolate with almonds is open to a conversation.

We could not do without such a gift-giving staple as a ribbon.

os cubes ribbon
Each piece is a miniature present in its own

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