• Graphic design
  • Ozersky Souvenir
  • The making of the chocolate cubes packaging

    Overview   Process  

    Three ideas popped up right away.

    We named the first concept Compliments. Unwrap your chocolate cube to find today’s fortune hidden inside.

    os cubes process 01

    Each wrapper can have a design of its own:

    os cubes process 09

    A super cool second concept was christened Diversion Maneuver. Pick “Beauty with almonds and caramel” or “Get lucky” among other choices:

    os cubes process 03

    Third concept “Nyaka” features chocolate letters, smileys, and hearts.

    os cubes process 04
    os cubes process 12

    The customer wants to keep the gift idea but to skip any fortune-telling.

    So far no product name was approved yet.

    Drawing chocolate present and trying to crack its name.

    os cubes process 06

    Nothing mouth-watering yet.

    Tying some bows:

    os cubes process 08
    os cubes process 07

    Still not scrumptious enough.

    Side-track heart rejects.

    os cubes process 10

    Experimenting with some cozy and rustic country themes.

    os cubes process 11

    That looks like a logo concept emerging:


    Yep, it sure is.

    os cubes process 16
    os cubes process 17

    The product name was derived from the same inspiration.

    os cubes process 20

    The script looks too girly. Neutralizing it a bit and trying a different bow on.

    os cubes process 13

    From now on the work flows in three directions: the script, graphics, and packaging typesetting.

    Preparing chocolate image. This one goes directly to compost bin for looking too much like a chunk of cheese killed in a microwave.

    os cubes process 18

    Those are also not worth craving.

    os cubes process 24

    No flying almonds, please.

    os cubes process 25

    Oysterish Hazelnut? No, thank you.

    os cubes process 26

    Dark chocolate proves to be the most labor-intense as no one in our Northern country seems to know how cacao beans really look. Just to be sure, we found some folks selling raw cacao beans in Moscow and bought some specimens for a photo-shoot.


    os cubes process 29


    os cubes process 28

    No photos, no deal (another reject):

    os cubes process 02

    Oh, this chocolate shave is not bad at all, just needs some tinkering.

    os cubes process 27

    Tons of photo-shooting and Photoshopping going on at the same time, as we try to get the perfect picture of the chocolate cubes themselves.

    Zhenya manages to stay fit, despite... you know.

    os cubes process 14

    Mini-package and the chocolate cube life-size.

    os cubes process 15

    Typesetting the inside of the box.


    os cubes process 21


    os cubes process 23

    Plain text with logo aglow:

    os cubes process 19

    Running through innumerous cycles of cut-shoot-Photoshop to finally arrive to the color test stage.

    Writing copy and preparing files for press.

    Order a design...