Ostozhenka 19 identity

Task: to create a logo and a style for a small real estate agency.

Ostozhenka 19 rents out office space in two business centers on Ostozhenka. The idea behind the business is reflected by the elegant identity.

At the core of the logo are expressive circles. They emphasize the role of the building as a space for creativity, equality and mutual respect.

The logo also makes use of the window, a symbol of openness to the world. Its outlines repeat those of the original window frames on the building’s façade.

ostoj photo 01

The logo is friendly.

ostoj photo 02

Access cards have signature patterns with windows.

ostoj photo 03

Stickers look cool, too.

ostoj photo 04 ostoj photo 05+

Employees and the director have business documents in the corporate style. Those of employees are decorated with a minimalist pattern while those of the director have an image of the entire Ostozhenka 19 building on them.

ostoj photo 06+++

The primary colors of the identity are black and white. Additional color is green, the color of the building on Ostozhenka.

ostoj photo 07

art director


technical designer

type designer

secret advisor


project manager

Made in 20 days
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