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Task: to present special offers in the most irresistible manner.

Ozon.Travel is a handy online service for all levels of travelers. You plan and chart your next outing here, buy tickets, and book lodging. It’s convenient and is a worthy deal. The best air bargains are waiting for you in the “Special Offers” section.

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You have all kinds of filters at your command to tailor any request to your personal needs

Specifying destinations and schedule on the “Special Offers” page. We've prepared a set of icons for the most common search parameters.

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A flight’s essential info

While at it, we’ve also touched up the guide pages, so you can read all about where to go, what to see there, whether you’ll need a visa and how to obtain one.

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Vietnam in five paragraphs

There’s a comprehensive FAQ section for those unaccustomed to e-tickets.

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How to place an order and pay

Release date: June 28 2011


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