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Task: To better present merchandise on the search page.

Result: The number of customers buying products directly from the search page, without opening an item’s detail page, has grown by 6%.

Improving the shopping cart for also brought up a need for a more efficient site search. All found items are now presented in an organized, comprehensive way, sorted by categories and subcategories. iPhone users will recognize familiar gray dots, marking the number of relevant items found in each category, sparing you the need to go one level deeper.

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Search results page

Every found item tells you all the essentials about itself: the look, the price, the production date, availability, and the delivery date. Just click the “Add to Cart” button.

You can filter search results by bestsellers, by rating, by year made, or by price. There is also a secret filter “po-ozonovsky” (Ozon style), it factors in different data and presents custom picks just for you.

If you search a name, “persona” finds will be shown on top.

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Release date: March 25 2011


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