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Ozon.Ru shopping cart interfaces

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[This work is in the museum]

Problem: Put a shopping cart in order.

Result: The number of orders with the new cart design has grown by 9.5 percent. Customers follow Ozon’s recommendations 29.7 percent more often.

Ozon.Ru started in 1998 as a forum where sci-fi lovers could discuss books. Today it’s an online store offering more than 500 thousand items, including books, discs, movies, games, software, hardware, photography equipment, and mobile phones.

Ozon customers now use the new shopping cart with user-friendly and visually appealing interface.

ozon cart 01
The new way to place orders

You can view detailed or brief information. In full mode, item totals are instantly calculated for the current quantities. The simplified version of the table includes only key figures.

ozon cart 02
A few or several columns at your option

Items in the cart, each with its own image, fall into three categories: To Buy Now, To Buy Later, or Currently Unavailable.

The table has gained clarity; figures in the columns are now neatly aligned. Column totals appear in the right places, and the items are sorted.

There are fewer buttons for each category. Customers click Buy Now and can then choose options.

ozon cart 03
Fewer buttons → less doubt → more action

There is a separate tab for To Buy Later, and animation effects for when you move an item.

ozon cart 04
Everything in its place

Unavailable items and your wish list can both be found under the tab Currently Unavailable. Out-of-stock goods also go here. Once these appear for sale, customers receive e-mail notifications.

ozon cart 05
Waiting their turn

Release date: April 14 2010


art director
technical director

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