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Teleport phone adapter

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Teleport adapter was designed for connecting a PC with any new Paliha telephone set (for example, Paliha–750).

Teleports can be black and white

The system’s entire functionality is provided by the telephone set software (in a lesser degree) and computer software (in a greater degree). The list of functions includes:

  • full control of the phone set (telephone indicator information is synchronized with the PC monitor);
  • dialing the number on the PC digital keypad and automatic redialing;
  • programming telephone settings from a PC, archive records management on a PC, connection to the phone number database;
  • full minutes of all events on the line, including recordings of all calls in a PC with the sound file attached to an incoming or an outgoing number;
  • saving and synchronizing the parameters of telephone settings and the data of the phone book in a PC;
  • copying answering machine messages to a PC and back;
  • recording alarm clock ringtones and melodies from a PC;
  • printing the detailed archives of calls for a given period;
  • history of calls from a particular number or a group of numbers;
  • update of the inbuilt telephone software by user (free updates will be available at Paliha website).

Release date: November 26 2003


art director and designer

The purpose of the device is evident at the first sight. A voluminous user manual is only attached to the computer software supplied with Teleport.

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