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Teleport 2.0

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Teleport 2.0 is designed for storing phone call records on computer and registering incoming and outgoing calls. Teleport is compatible with any telephone set. It comes with Paliha-Teleport software for Windows.

Silver shell

Main functions include:

Call record system (incoming and outgoing calls);
Storage of dialed and incoming calls;
Outgoing call registration in tone dialing and pulse modes;
Caller ID in Russian and American standards;
Call signal computer backup;
Displays caller image and name;
You can choose tunes for your ringer;

Expanded phone book;
Automatic redialing of numbers from the phone book or calls log;
Contact number interchange with MS Office application;
Sending a list of calls to MS Office application;
Information backup storage.

Paliha-Teleport program window

Release date: October 19 2007


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