• Graphic design
  • The making of the Pavel Ryabinin logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: Hi. My name is Pavel Ryabinin, I design and make women’s clothing. I currently have a Cyrillic logo in Russian style. People in Russian-speaking countries understand it. But recently I’ve been getting more clients from Europe, Asia, from the East and the West. They don’t understand my logo which is why we desperately need a new English one.

    Pavel Ryabinin. Made in Russia. brand of women’s clothing from fashion designer Pavel Ryabinin offers modern, feminine and sophisticated images in clothing and promotes Russian culture and traditions. The brand philosophy is that a woman should always remain a woman in every possible sense, including in her choice of clothing. This is always reflected in our choice of fabrics, prints, as well as the design, style, images, etc.

    We need a modern laconic logo for a fashion brand from a Russian designer that would work not only for Russian clients, but foreign ones as well. Most likely, the logo will have to be in two languages, in Russian and in English.

    We are planning to open an online store as well as to develop a line of interior and home accessories under the brand Pavel Ryabinin. Made in Russia. using the motifs of folk art and craft in modern interpretation. We are planning to subtly and inconspicuously employ folk art themes in clothes and textiles, yet the design of all items including clothing will always remain understandable, meeting the needs of the modern consumer and fitting into the usual environment.

    First designer: Birch trees and the Р as a coat hanger.

    pavel ryabinin process 01

    Art director: Crap.

    Second designer: I tried to play with reflection in 11–13 and use more feminine lowercase letters in 17–19.

    pavel ryabinin process 02

    Second designer: Tried to add more play to 12.

    pavel ryabinin process 03

    Third designer: Ideas around using patterns and an attempt to show airy fabric (4, 6, 8).

    pavel ryabinin process 04

    Art director: What if we take number 1 and add an iPhone that is used to take a selfie? Just as a rectangle at face level.

    Third designer: If that’s intended for me, then the result looks a bit vulgar.

    pavel ryabinin process 05

    Art director: Yeah, number 1 is warmer. But don’t tilt the phone. And search for better angles and proportions. The fingers look good.

    First designer: With a bow tie.

    pavel ryabinin process 06

    Art director: Nope.

    First designer: An effort to inscribe a woman’s silhouette. Wrong direction?

    pavel ryabinin process 07

    Art director: Crap.

    First designer: More.

    pavel ryabinin process 08

    Art director: Crap.

    Third designer: Can’t seem to create anything meaningful with the phone. Maybe lips will do?

    pavel ryabinin process 09

    Art director: I like number 5. The lips are OK. Fingers need to get better.

    Third designer: Redrew the fingers.

    pavel ryabinin process 10

    Art director: What’s that typeface? Make the fingers longer. Overall I like it.

    Third designer: It’s Mezzo, but I chopped the horizontal strokes off a bit. Bad choice?

    pavel ryabinin process 11

    Art director: No, it’s good.

    Third designer: Made the fingers longer. Are we keeping the phone?

    pavel ryabinin process 12

    Art director: Yep. But add a black camera lens to the back.

    Third designer: A black one can’t be seen in the pattern. A white or a contour one would look better.

    pavel ryabinin process 13

    Art director: 5, but make the white circle thinner.

    Third designer: Like this?

    pavel ryabinin process 14

    Art director: OK. Add “Made in Russia” and prepare the announcement. And render it in two languages.

    Third designer: Done. Also added hair and a beauty spot by the lips. And made the camera simpler.

    pavel ryabinin process 15
    pavel ryabinin process 16

    Art director: No, the beauty spot is too much. As is the hair. Make the “Made in Russia” text the same width as Павел and look for a better place to put it.

    Third designer: I think, 1.

    pavel ryabinin process 17
    pavel ryabinin process 18

    Art director: 3 is OK.