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    to create a logo for a financial consulting organization.

    First Bank Alliance is a company that simplifies relations of various organizations with banks (obtains bank guarantees, searches for profitable offers and takes over all paperwork). We came up with a strict and laconic logo for the company emphasizing its prime position among financial alliances.

    pba logo

    How does one draw a solemn logo that isn’t dull? We take the first letters of the company’s name, hide the digit 1 in the center of the letter A and choose some strict shapes.

    Next we highlight the digit with color to emphasize the meaning and add a pleasant visual contrast.

    pba docs

    Finally, adding a guilloche that will be used as a corporate pattern. Testing the result on business cards and souvenirs.

    pba man

    Done! We have a strict logo that gives dignity to every document it appears on and instills trust to financial services.

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Aleksandr Strelkov

    project manager

    • Denis Zhelezny
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