• Graphic design
  • The making of the First Bank Alliance logo

    Overview• Process

    Client: The company First Bank Alliance aims to simplify the process of obtaining a bank guarantee by offering organizations a service to process all the necessary paperwork and submit it to several banks, giving the client the opportunity to optimize the process and understand the best offer.

    Our company, PBA LLC, is in fact a financial intermediary between the client and the bank (our main product is assistance in obtaining bank guarantees). We have been offered a variety of logos which did not suit us conceptually, we can send you these materials if they can be of any help. We want to see a high-quality and very carefully elaborated logo, like the ones your studio is famous for.

    Starting to work.

    pba process 01

    Art director: Sure, give me more.

    pba process 02

    Art director: You can develop 30.

    pba process 03

    Art director: 43 is OK, but I want new colors.

    Designer: New as in different?

    pba process 04

    Art director: 57.